Having summited Mont Blanc and taken on both poles, Julian is a man of extraordinary adventures. All that, and a glamorous day job as a chartered surveyor, he's proud to say!

Fresh from Mount Denali in Alaska, having conquered North America's highest mountain in support of the Matt Hampson Foundation, his pursuit of the Adventurers Grand Slam is inspirational.

Hi Julian, congratulations on your latest expedition! Tell us, how did you first get into the adventure travel scene?

I was getting a bit long in the tooth for rugby, so I started running marathons. That led to me running the Marathon Des Sables, where I met someone who mentioned he was walking to the North Pole - which I then did.

My goal is the Adventurers Grand Slam, which involves climbing the highest summit on the seven continents and walking to both Poles.

This is, of course, pretty much how we spend our weekends too! How do you go about planning incredible adventures like these?

They normally take around 18 months lead time to research, obtain sponsorship, get in the right mental space and gain approval from family and your employer!

A lot of planning, no doubt. What's been your most life-changing adventure so far?

The North Pole. I'd like to go back.

It's not hard to imagine that being the trip of a lifetime. What was it about the North Pole that changed you?

The unseasonably low cold of -63°C is something I won't forget in a hurry! You didn't want to get out of your sleeping bag it was so brutal. Your tent and cooking equipment are critical for survival.

And what does someone need, to do what you do?

Due diligence, preparation and fitness.

Preparation is critical – don't underestimate the expedition – and always keep a good level of core fitness.

Do you have any memorable experiences you can share?

Yes, my expedition to the North Pole – it's a stunning environment but brutal conditions. However a two hour polar bear attack was scary and it dragged my sledge off and ate my food!

Good grief! We're glad you lived to tell the tale! In a perfect world, who accompanies you on an expedition like that?

David Hempleman-Adam. As the first person to ever complete the Adventurers Grand Slam, he's been there and done it all!

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

It's not advice but inspiration – his name is Matt Hampson.

Matt's message to 'get busy living' is exactly right. What do you wish someone would invent to make your trips easier?

A battery with infinite life!

That'd help just in everyday life! Are there any must-have gadgets that you always take with you on a trip?

A satellite phone and an iPod for music! Plus baby wipes – they're brilliant!

Not exactly environmentally friendly unfortunately, but we agree, baby wipes are always a winner! Is there anywhere in the UK that you keep going back to?

Cumbria is beautiful but Snowdonia is easier for me to access from the Midlands.

Both incredibly beautiful. Do you have a favourite spot?

Camping at Wasdale Head by Scafell Pike is fantastic and when I did the Three Peaks Challenge with my father it was great to go to the Pen y Gwryd Hotel at the foot of Snowdon – especially because of its Everest connection. Tan-y-Pistyll in Wales is stunning too – a great place to go.

Is the Three Peaks something you'd recommend?

Absolutely! Anyone can do it and it gives you a terrific snapshot of what scenery the UK can offer. Also cycling Land's End to John O'Groats was great fun.

It's fair to say that the Great British outdoors means a lot to you then?

On our islands we've got some fantastic terrain and beautiful vistas that are readily accessible to most people. Get camping everyone!

That's a message we can definitely get behind, thanks Julian!

Learn about Julian's upcoming expeditions on his website or via Facebook.