Victoria Philpott, better known as Vicky Flip Flop in the blogosphere, is a festival veteran. Not content with the likes of Glastonbury, Bestival and Latitude, Vicky enjoys big name (and downright strange) festivals globally too.

Thanks for joining us Vicky. Let's start with your best camping memory, festival or otherwise?

My family used to camp at River Dart Country Park in Ashburton, Devon, every year for about five. It was so much fun. There was a lake you could rope swing across, a swimming pool my brother and I would spend hours in and loads of trees to climb.

I'd imagine health and safety have got to it and it's very different now but I used to love waking up in the morning to the zips of tents, waking mum to go down to the toilet block and having a go on the adventure playground on the way back. I loved that place. One year dad forgot the tent poles, it's given us years of laughs.

Is Devon your favourite place in the UK?

Not one for campers but I love London. All my friends are there, I love the creative buzz and I love the constant energy from the type of people the city draws in. I lived there for more than six years and although I'm glad for the break I have travelling the world now, I've had some incredible times there and made some great friends.

We're on the 'Anywhere but London' team! Not that we don't enjoy a day out in London, but just that tourism should be more widely spread in this country. What about your worst camping experience?

The first festival I ever went to was Reading Festival and I was 16. It was terrifying! People were pushing over the portaloos when people were in there, some were setting them on fire and the whole campground was absolute carnage.

We were these innocent kids, fresh from our GCSE results, lying in our tent at night listening to all kinds of things going on. Obviously it hasn't put me off though!

Obviously! Do you have a favourite festival?

I went to Latitude for the first time this year and really enjoyed it. It was so chilled compared to other festivals I've been to and the line up was as if I'd created it. I loved that all different ages enjoyed it from babies to oldies. It was easy to get up close the acts at the stages and there was so much space to camp too.

What festival experience should be on everyone's bucket list?

Everyone should go to Glastonbury. It was one of the best weeks of my life. It can seem like a bit of an effort to sort your ticket, seeing as you have to do it nine months in advance, but like most babies, it's worth the wait. Glastonbury is just a different world - nothing else matters for the time you're there but which stage you're going to next and the line up you're seeing that day.

(Worth mentioning at this stage that Vicky has a very good Glastonbury packing list on her site if you're planning your first trip.)

Are there any UK festivals you haven't attended yet but are planning to? Or is the next festival an old favourite?

Next year I'm planning on trying out Secret Garden Party in July and then I want to go to Bestival again in September. I've been meaning to go back since I first went a few years ago but something has always come up. Bestival is another cool, small festival with a great atmosphere. And Secret Garden Party just looks crazy - I just want to dress up as a glitter fairy and party the night away in the woods.

Who would you take? What makes the ideal festival camping companion?

You need someone who doesn't moan, is chilled and is on the same music wavelength as you. It's no fun going to a festival when you never get to see the acts you want, or you have to be looking after their princess-like ways. My friend Chloe is awesome and just gets stuck in there. We have a similar taste in music, we're both laidback and we also like getting glittered up for festivals, as you can see from my Glastonbury posts on my blog.

What about something you always take with you?

A torch - the year after the Reading incident, I went to Leeds. I was minding my own business going to the toilet, thankfully I shined the torch around the portaloo before I went in, and I was greeted with a traumatic and disgusting sight that I can never unsee. Someone had been very unwell over the toilet and up the walls. From that day on I always carry a torch to use when it gets dark.

And something everyone should leave behind?

If you have more than one medium backpack of stuff you have too much. You won't enjoy carrying that for miles to reach the festival campsite. I'd say to leave the food - you won't be bothered to cook it and there are so many options at festivals nowadays you should save your money for that.

Finally, what's the best festival advice you can share?

If you're going to a festival you need to give it your all. They can be overwhelming and a lot of hard work for some people but that's what makes them so much fun. I love that they're all about camping, music and having fun with friends. You need to get stuck in to have as much fun as possible.

Thanks Vicky - a great attitude for sure.

Vicky writes about cool festivals and epic holidays at Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @VickyFlipFlop.